Persiana supplies automation for doors and gates, customized automatic door and petrochemical products to the World. Together with suppliers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and nearly two decades of experience.


Representing PDS in Oceania continent, we supply all kinds of automation systems for:

-    Gates

-    Industrial doors

-   Commercial doors

-   Rolling shutter

-   Barriers

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We are specialized in nonstandard doors, our engineers are ready to fulfill your complex queries with innovative designs like:

-    Roll down doors

-    Side roll doors

-    Multi folding doors

-    Glazed overhead doors

-    XL doors



Persiana has an expanded network of suppliers and trading companies mainly located in Australia, China, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. The core activity of the Oil and petroleum Department is end-to-end trading with an emphasis on:

-   Petroleum and Petrochemical products

-   Bitumen / Asphalt, Naphtha

-   Diesel fuel

-   Polyethylene (PE)

-    Urea

-    Petroleum Jelly

-    Paraffin Wax


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